The investments to implement the SAP, one of the best IT systems, and the qualit certificates needed of 500 thousand and 100 thousand dollars, respectively.

From 2004 Asiservy S.A. it initiated his strategic planning to obtain in the first scale a successful transition, and with the one that it has laid the foundations to start new projects and investments of expansion of the company from 2009.
In this capture of decisions one possessed the support of the Corporation for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Corpei) to accredit from 2006 diverse certifications for the company as the ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000, ISO 22000/HACCP and other models of management in whom he invested more than 100 thousand dollars. Previously, the company already was possessing the ISO 9001-2000.

To obtain the certifications the key was to focus in activities of it plans-
Ción, execution under control, the review of the performance and the capture of actions in a controlled frame.
While they were accrediting the certifications, simultaneously it was achieved to implement deep changes in the culture organizacional. The human resource understood the value of the new process that would lead them to having a more sustainable and commercial more profitable product. This it is the point of item and the only route to enter to the different markets of export of the tuna.
The new clients have valued and differentiated Asiservy's product S.A. of between the competition. There is no doubt that the certificates reaffirmed the confidence of the employees and of the company itself, and they have served with a view to that the clients of different markets agree and are delighted by the product. Companies that lose competitiveness on his markets because of the crisis, have to go out to look for new markets and only they will be able to do it if they are prepared well. It is possible to assure him that to possess a system of management is to have a passport for some markets, does not guarantee that it will come near, but certainly without the passport, it is not possible to do the trip.
The transition served to realize adjustments and to condition to the company to the growth that was planning to have in the future. All the management (quality, environment, safety and occupational, financial health, and of strategy), has to see with an effort of the company to mitigate uncertainty and risks.
All mechanics of the change must be planned, executed of effective and efficient form, and analyzed in terms of results, suffer later the necessary adjustments. An organization with models of management established they are and they will be better prepared to face the crisis, that those that do not have it.


Other one of the directives in Asiservy's strategic planning S.A. was to consolidate a human group that could professionalize in turn the diverse areas and form the equipments of work of the company, alone like that it can face him the challenges that an exporting company of tuna needs. To have the future directors who support the management with ideas and network of contacts to support the company the possible better thing. Really for the managerial development the human group is a great strength, and to decide to prepare to the personnel avizora to possess reliable elements in the stage of growth.

Undoubtedly, all the departments of the factory are key, but it has put on emphasis in the areas commercial, of production and financier.
For the future, the company foresees to form a corporate government with a directory in order that independently of if it is a family enterprise, the decisions one takes them in a way professional and placed in the juridical thing. There are consolidated tools like that that allow the continuity of the company throughout the time.


We are a democratic, organization participative and near to his employees, who work of standardized and systematic form to offer products and generating services of value and quality. 

The executive, technical and working equipment is compromised by the integrated policies, mission and Asiservy's business management S.A., that with many confidence in the country he continues investing and generating sources of employment in the zone of influence of Blanket. Near 600 persons they are employed at Asiservy's factory S.A., of which the majority gets out of a jam itself in the area of production, which workforce is distributed in the different stages of processing of the tuna as esvicerado, precooked, cooling, cleanliness, packing to the emptiness, freezing to low temperatures, paletizado and I do business.

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