The company is creating the Research and Development Department in order to add more value to their products. So far has developed over 10 brands of canning tuna to foreign customers.

Knowing that we have to refresh our processes to maintain us, in competition with other companies, Asiservy S.A. has seen essential to create a Research and Development Department that will incorporate new and better attractions of quality, presentations and value of canned tuna, following the requirements of each export market.Ecuador is globally recognized as one of the bests tuna´s processors of the Pacific coast that controls the security the marine life.Without leave out to mention the worldwide concern from the consumer point of view they look in a product for healthy and quality products, and tuna is a rich in protein, vitamins and Omega-3 product. In 2008, Ecuador exported nearly $500 million on canned tuna, which focused 65 % in Europe; 25 % in Latin America; and 8 % in the United States, said Patricio Salazar, Sales Manager of Asiservy S.A. Although one of the largest markets of tuna is Europe, Asiservy S.A. is currently opening up new possibilities in Latin America, where the quality of the product is more appreciated and making that exporters be more competitive and do not have to rely on a single market.


Our company has opening of new markets because of it´s service and highly qualify products. The Ecuadorian product is positioned in terms of quality and taste. In addition, thanks to the executive systems and processes the improvement is continuous; Asiservy S.A. daily optimizes the use of resources inside of the plant. The result, since 2005, is reflected in its increasing sales.  The current challenge of Asiservy S.A. is extending its current production, which means producing what more the consumers like from world markets: tuna with vegetables, mushrooms, pickle with sauces, and other ingredients. Because of that the company decided to extend the capacity installed in it´s area of production in the canned section.
Purchased new equipment like three autoclaves (it produces 300 cartons per minute each machine) that allow you packaged in Tin, thermoforms, pouch or aluminum, with different private trademarks of their customers. With this, if before processed 2 thousand boxes of canned tuna per day, from May 2009 will produce 7 thousand boxes daily.It was necessary to extend the business plan to produce and export at higher current levels. As identified opportunities for new developments with canned tuna, it has included new partnerships, research and development products, and marketing. This way, the commercial structure is now fasten to a net of commercial representatives in each country, providing customized service to be able to receive the main needs and requests of purchase of a company, being importers of food, stockist, or supermarkets which currently still imposing in the presence of their own brands. The philosophy of sale of Asiservy S.A. will still have a close relationship with the client.

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