Modern rooms of process, automated cooked, ample warehouses for storage… The end technology allows us to process 120 tons of raw materials to the day in congealed backs and conserve tuna.

Conscious that every time it comes to exigencies from the food market in quality terms, Asiservy S.A. has an incredible level of satisfaction on its clients and sophistication in processes of transformation of the tuna.  The quality is part of its philosophy of work. The products receive a strict control of quality during all the stages of the process. To the effect, it has a modern laboratory for quality control, handled by professionals highly prepared.  The quality is the main factor in the decision making of this company, our factory take in consideration the specifications of the clients, the requirements or norms that prevail in the consumer countries, and help to preserve the environment or personal health.

 The Department of Securing of Quality basically administers and manages technical operations like inspection, sampling, evaluations and permanent control of quality. Those steps are applied, since the capture of tuna, disembark, production, manufacture and storage to the distribution. 

For the industry of tuna the system HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) is one of the main requests that European Union asks for, and also is the main consumer of Asiservy S.A.

The system, is based if a mistake happened in diverse points of the productive chain, since the capture until use it up, Asiservy takes systematic measures to avoid the deterioration and the contamination of  tuna.


The laboratory of Asiservy S.A. counts with currently equipment to make two specific analyses in the case of tuna, first the tuna is impeach to histamine and salt, through a chemical process, which makes a sample. The fundamental task is to assure the prescribed standards for the client, quality is a commitment of the company. “We made sure first to receive raw material of good quality. Then analyze the product while is being processed. Finally we make a control when it is already packed and check until this makes good with the agreements of the clients”, Fabricio Mogrovejo, manager of Quality assurance. Mentioned that “the clients ask for microbiological, physical, chemical and organoleptic specifications.”

Our main market is European; it’s extremely demanding and with very strict rules as far as standards of product is about. Asiservy S.A. is one of the pioneers of exportation of precooked and frozen loin to Europe.

At the moment, this company is between the three first exporting factories of Ecuador in the tuna section market. In the canned tuna Asiservy occupy the 10th place in the Ecuadorian market, Department of Quality Assurance is responsible for the fulfillment of the required of the international markets, reviewing the norms of each country and manage it. These help the well development of the systems. Also it’s part of the continuous qualification that must be distributed to the staff.

In the factory the employees carry out each one of the steps of the process because they know the value and legitimacy of it. “For example, something so simple can be a protocol of washing their hands: the workers believe that disinfesting their hands contribute to the quality of the product” explained Quality Assurance Department Manager.

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